Chapter 11 - Hot Sauces

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Master Recipe for Pan Sauce or Gravy

Making a pan sauce is as easy as draining the pan in which meat or poultry has been cooked, adding liquid and flavorings, and cooking until the liquid is reduced enough to thicken. Making gravy requires the addition of a wash or a roux.

Model for four servings

Liquid: 1 cup (See step 4)

Fat: 1 to 4 Tablespoon (See step 3)

Optional Thickener. (See step 5.)

Flavorings: Salt, pepper and other flavorings that go well with the food with which the sauce will be served to taste.

  1. Plan 1/8 to 1/4 cup pan sauce or gravy per serving.
  2. Cook the food fully and remove it to a serving dish. Cover it with aluminum foil and place it in a warm (100 degree F.) oven to set.
  3. Pour the fat and liquid (called jus) in the cooking vessel into a heat-proof container. Spoon the fat off the liquid into a separate container.
  4. Use the jus to deglaze the cooking vessel adding additional liquid (water, broth, wine, milk) if needed. Reduce the liquid by half to thicken the sauce.
  5. Optional: To thicken the pan sauce to make gravy using a wash, stir in 1 1/2 to 4 teaspoon cornstarch or arrowroot per cup liquid. To thicken the sauce using a roux, stir 1 to 3 tablespoons flour into any cooled fat remaining in the vessel. If more fat is needed, use butter or margarine. (See How to Make Roux.)
  6. Cook all ingredients in the original cooking vessel over medium-high heat until the sauce is thickened to your liking.
  7. Adjust thickness and flavorings to taste.
  8. Optional: Strain the sauce through a fine-mesh tea strainer to remove unattractive food particles.
  9. Optional: Enrich the sauce, adding half and half, coffee cream, cream, sour cream, plain yogurt, or puréed low-fat cottage cheese.
  10. Optional Finishing (aka Buttering): To prevent a film from forming and to enrich the flavor, float a pat of butter or margarine on the surface. Stir the finishing into the gravy just before serving.
  11. Optional: To hold for serving, place the pan in a container of warm water or refrigerate it. To prevent a film from forming on the surface, place plastic wrap or butter-coated waxed paper directly on the surface.
  12. Reheat the sauce over low heat, stirring it constantly. Make final adjustments before serving.
    • To thin: Add liquid.
    • To thicken: Add mannie butter or warmed roux, one tablespoon or less at a time, stirring constantly over medium-high heat. Allow a minute or two for the gravy to thicken before adding more.

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